About Us

About Us

As per a survey conducted by UNESCO, around 85% of students are not employable even though they are educated and as such it is creating hurdles in the employment sector.

Employers try their best to find employees with appropriate skills that make them proficient and productive in their field. In India we have started “Skill Initiative Programme” and this has helped us to provide a solution to the above mentioned problem to a certain extent.

LIFE Finishing School has been functioning since 2007 on the basis of these possibilities and social outlook and we have4 successfully helped in placing about 2600 candidates in India and abroad molding them with necessary skills.

LIFE Finishing School is aiming at candidates with talents, character, outlook, communicative skills in the work space, work value, teamwork and coordination, eligibility to be a part of good work culture as well as efficiency in enhancing productivity, thereby creating candidates to be successful in their work life.

To fulfill this venture, we have experienced, trained and well educated team to motivate and guide students to reach their desired goals.

We focus on:

Practical Oriented Short Term Courses

  • Oil and Gas Instrument Technician

  • Oil and Gas Electrical Technician

  • Oil and Gas Mechanical Technician

  • Instrument Loop Check Technician

Projects in India and Gulf countries

  • Mentoring

  • Placements

  • Interview skills

  • Communicative skills

  • Trade skills

  • Soft skills

  • Social skills

  • Life skills

Course Benefits

Practical Oriented Short Term Courses ( Electrical and Instrumentation)

Projects in India and Gulf countries



Interview Skills

Communicative Skills

Trade Skills

Soft Skills

Social Skills

Life Skills